Travel around Suzhou

Suzhou is a famous tourism and cultural city, and also an ancient city with the advanced coastal economy and 2,500 years of history. Located at latitude 30.46°~32.02° N and longitude 119.55°-121.20° E, it is west to Shanghai and north to Zhejiang. Taihu Lake in its west and Yangcheng Lake in its east have brought up the warm and wet climate environment.

An old Chinese saying goes: "Just as there is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth." Suzhou has a very long historical background, so she has left us with many beautiful and interesting legends as well as a lot of attracting beautiful views and historical relics. The natural view and historical sites in Suzhou have attracted numerous overseas tourists.

Climate: Suzhou is located in the temperate zone with clearly distinguished four seasons, warm climate and abundant rainfall. Its yearly average temperature is 16℃ with about 230 frost-free days, over 2,000 hours of sunlight, and an precipitation of 1,100mm. The precipitation from March to August is about 65% of the yearly rainfall.

Language: Mandarin is the common language in Suzhou and also the official language in China. Suzhou dialect is greatly different from mandarin.

Currency: The currency circulated in China is Renminbi with its basic unit as Yuan. The airports and hotels can provide the foreign currency exchange service. The hotels, large shopping malls and banks accept most of the travelers' checks and main credit cards.

By Air: Shanghai Hongqiao Airport or Shanghai Pudong International Airport should better be the destination by air. It only takes 60 minutes from Hongqiao Airport to Suzhou by car and only 150 minutes from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. There are shuttle buses from Suzhou to Hongqiao and Pudong Airport every day, but the tickets shall be booked in advance. Please consult our Concierge for details.

By water: There are shuttle ships on the Suzhou-Hangzhou section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal for passengers every day. You can board the ship at Nanmen Ferry Terminal (on the flat land of south end of Renmin Bridge) in Suzhou and at Wulinmen Ferry Terminal in Hangzhou. The ship runs from opposite directions at 17:30pm every day and will arrive at the destination at 7:00am next day. The ticket price is in a range of RMB88~150 for a single trip. Please consult our Concierge for details.

Suzhou Culture and Arts Center

Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre is regarded as the landmark of the development of the city's culture and arts. It is the platform of international culture exchange and the important base of the city's culture innovation industry. The centre had its grand opening on October 1st, 2007. Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre houses a variety of function facilities: Grand Theatre, Performance Hall, Cineplex, IMAX Theatre, Ballet Theatre, Art Museum, SIP Cultural Centre, Arts School and Commercial Centre. It is the demonstration base of Jiangsu cultural Industry; its grand theatre is one of the members of AAPPAC, and what's more, the Cineplex is the only state-authorized five-star cinema in Suzhou and is a steady winner at the Suzhou box office. In particular, it is the permanent home to the world-renowned annual Golden Rooster Cinematic Awards.